This is a totally random post – but driving has occupied a lot of my time and thoughts recently. John and I drove our truck to Abbotsford BC (ready to hook up to our mobile residence in April). What a drive that was! Not sure I would recommend it in the winter, and certainly not at night – both of which I endured. It also came to me, that I haven’t driven since December 19th/2012. Day before we embarked on our journey. I used to drive all the time for my job, and enjoyed it. I wouldn’t say I was extremely good at it – being lost numerous times, I am admittedly horrible at navigation and directions. With the rental cars, it is easier (cheaper) just to list one driver. Plus – John is a better driver than passenger.

We spent a few days in Calgary with Kaitlyn, and she has become a stealth city driver. Katy will confess that parking is one of her weaknesses, and that she has had a note or two left on her windshield commenting on her lack of parking finesse.

Today John and I were having lunch at a street side cafe. Cars were parked in front of the restaurant, but there was an open space of at least 15 feet available. A car pulled up and did an amazing job of parallel parking into the spot, pulling ahead to get the wheels straightened out. AND THEN, the driver backed up until there was less than 6 inches between her rear bumper and the front bumper of the car behind her. There was no way that the car behind was ever going to be able to pull out – it was boxed in. But she did give herself a good three feet in front so she could pull out with ease. To make matters worse, a passenger got out of the vehicle and gave her the thumbs up. Total disregard for anyone but herself. Considerate parking is going on my list of things to be aware of in the future. Until then, I think I might get a pad of these notes printed up. Happy Driving!



One comment on “Driving

  1. Joanne says:

    Looks like you had a great Christmas – what a great way to kick off your adventure. Love reading your posts and especially the human nature stories like this one. A whole year of people watching will keep you busy, I’m sure. Safe journey…

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