New Year’s Resolution

vultures 007

This year (again), I resolved to get fit. I don’t really think I am in horrible shape – just extremely lazy. But regardless, I need to exercise, and for that I needed to buy running shoes – another indication that I don’t do any physical activity. What kind of person doesn’t own running shoes? A lazy one.
We are in Florida, so I went to the Outlet Mall to buy runners – not a lot of sense spending big money on shoes that may get minimal use.
The house we have rented is in a very quiet neighborhood, so I figured walking would be a good start. I could go out early in the morning while the heat and humidity isn’t too bad. Everything was going well, until I noticed some large birds in the trees, and on the houses and on the lamp-posts. I am not talking pigeons or even crows – these were much bigger – with beady eyes that seemed to be following me. As it turns out – they are Turkey Vultures! Nice – very reassuring. Now I am not saying that I believe in omens or anything, but what are the chances that on the first day I decide to exercise – I am surrounded by Vultures? From my minimal knowledge of birds – I know that Vultures are scavengers – meaning that they primarily prey on dead carcasses BUT have been know to attack weak or stationary animals. So in all regards, I should be fine. Except – as many of you know – my middle name is not Grace. If there is someone in a group of people who is going to trip – it will be me. And then when I do fall, I tend to lie there for a bit to assess which part of me is injured, and how badly.
But a resolution is a resolution – and get fit I must – I speed walked around the block without incident – and tried not to make eye contact with any of my avian spectators.
vultures 006

vultures 005

vultures 003

Probably a good thing the shoes were only $60.


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