Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon

Who voluntarily chooses to run 13.1 miles? Clearly not me – as I would have needed to purchase running shoes to train. Ha Ha
This morning, John was able to cross this goal off his bucket list. He and his brother Steven completed the 1/2 marathon at Walt Disney World, along with over 23,000 other runners.
marathon 001

marathon 010

I give so much credit to John, Steven and everyone who trains hard to participate in an event such as this. Funds raised this weekend were in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Actually, it is pretty ironic if you consider it – John was able to finish in 2 hours 12 minutes, yet cumulatively I likely haven’t walked 13.1 miles in my entire life. I did wear my runners with sweatpants to the event this morning, thinking I might be mistaken for one of the athletes – didn’t happen. That’s okay – one Donald Duck medal for this family is enough.
marathon 009

It could be said that this is a case where opposites attract. But I have a different theory. Come April when we live in our mobile residence, we plan to do lots of hiking.
For John – he won’t need to run faster than the bear – he’ll just need to outrun me.


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