Good Eats – part 1

Members of this family are food whores. I apologize for the vulgarity, but this term accurately describes our addiction to good food. We don’t deny it or try to hide it. When planning a trip – one of us always checks out the restaurant section of the guide-book. Our preferred TV channel is the Food Network. We like to try new things, but once we find something delicious – we keep going back to it. On the Christmas trip to Puerto Vallarta, Katy and I ate shrimp ceviche at our pool almost everyday. The ceviche in itself would not be so bad – shrimp, tomatoes, peppers and cilantro. It’s the deep-fried tortilla chips that you eat with the ceviche that will clog the arteries.

Here in Florida – we have a favorite place: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.
beach 002

For those of you who haven't had one of the doughnuts – it is hard to describe what you are missing. These doughnuts are the best – Tim Horton would hang his head in shame if he tasted one of these delicious morsels. Part of the experience at a Krispy Kreme shop is that you can watch the doughnuts being made. You see them being cooked in oil, and then coming down a conveyor belt to be covered in icing. When you order – staff pick the doughnuts right off the conveyor, so you know they are fresh.

krispy creme cooking

donuts 2

To get the full experience you need to eat your doughnuts right then, while they are still hot. And don’t think you will be able to eat just one. For myself, if this is a mid-morning snack: 3 doughnuts will usually suffice. But if this is to be my breakfast (lunch or dinner) – a half dozen is necessary. The key to monitoring your Krispy Kreme intake is to only stop if you are okay with eating lots of calories. If not – drive by.
beach 003

You will notice the weird hand configuration holding the doughnut. This is because it is hot, and I choose to burn only a couple fingers at one time (though it would have been nice if the photographer had mentioned that I look like I am having tea with the queen). Further disclosure: of the seven missing doughnuts – I ate 4, and called it Brunch.


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