A couple of people who are closest to me are very surprised that I have chosen to blog.  I would be described as an extremely private person – my business is exactly that – mine.  Some family and friends who have read my posts are saying ” I didn’t know that”.  

I’ve never signed onto Facebook, and I don’t Twitter.  It takes me awhile to get comfortable with someone, and even then – I am not likely to reveal much personal info.  I am a minority in my family.  This fall, while babysitting Wyatt and Rhett at a hotel in Winnipeg, I gave the boys my pre-cursory spiel about no talking to strangers at the pool.  We hadn’t been there for more than 10 minutes when I noticed Wyatt carrying on a discussion with an elderly gentleman in the hot-tub.  I called him over and reminded – no talking to strangers.  Wyatt nodded his understanding and walked back to the hot-tub – and began chatting again. But before I could make any sort of signal – Wyatt got out and came over to me.  He matter of factly said to me -” That man’s name is Harold, and now he isn’t a stranger anymore. ” So there Auntie Laurie.

Rhett also has a penchant for sharing details.  In the hotel shuttle on the way to the Calgary Airport –  a poor unsuspecting young man was trapped in the van with our herd.  Out of the blue, Rhett announced to him – “We are on the way to the airport to go to Mexico, and I have Eczema.”  You can’t make stories like that up.  But it does put pressure on the listener – how do you respond?

It isn’t just the kids though, both John and my sister-in-law Corri are extroverts.  They have no problems talking to people that they have just met, and they are able to carry on conversations with anyone.  John talks to cab drivers, store clerks and people in elevators.  I often remind him about disclosing “too much information”.  Fortunately Kaitlyn has acquired this out-going personality, and it has served her well.  After high-school, she chose to go to University in Regina, despite the fact that none of her classmates were going there.  This past year – she moved to Calgary and has done an amazing job acclimatizing to SAIT, meeting people and making friends. 

Maybe the blogging medium makes it easier to for me to share – the fact that I don’t have face to face contact with the majority of you who are reading this.  It might just be that I enjoy writing – and this is a great outlet for that.  Hopefully some of my posts are of interest or humor. As a disclaimer , I should probably reiterate the fact that I am not a blog expert, and as with my everything I do – if I am unsure of something – I make it up.



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