Who’s Your Person?

If you are a Grey’s Anatomy fan – this term is familiar to you. Meredith Grey and Christina Yang are always telling everyone that they are “each other’s person” when things get tough on the show. Up to now, I don’t think I ever had a person – but rather I had “people”. I was fortunate to have family and friends who were there whenever I needed advice on finance, career, parenting or any other circumstance that I struggled with. No doubt that if I was about to make an unwise decision – someone would be there to stop me. Having a daughter – you can be assured that you will be notified of any style crimes you are about to commit. A simple statement of “Are you really going to wear that?” was all that was required to have me rethink my clothing choices. A quick phone call to a friend would put things into perspective for me – “think about whether or not this is going to matter in 5 years from now.”

Travelling has made me appreciate “people” – as I don’t have access to you all, as I used to. So John has become my “person”. He has always been one of my “people” but now, by default, he is it. There are things I ask him to do that he shakes his head at, but does anyway. Recently I realized that I should have given John more clarification around becoming my sole “person”, and ALL that it would entail. Yesterday morning we caught the hotel shuttle to the Miami airport. We stood in a fairly long line to go through security, went for breakfast and then headed to wait at the gate for our flight. Right before boarding, I headed to the bathroom to freshen up, and it was then that I realized my shirt was inside out. Classy! Can’t imagine how many people throughout the airport recognized my fashion faux pas – but not my “person”. When I questioned John, he replied that he hadn’t noticed. In the whole scheme of things – not a big deal. Certainly not something that will matter in 5 years from now. But does make me wonder about all the times I have asked him if there was anything in my teeth? Did he even check???



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