Beach Etiquette & Attire

We have been spending a fair amount of time on beaches since we began our trip, and these are a couple of reflections that I feel would be prudent to mention. I have not attached actual photos, so you will need to use your imagination (I didn’t want to traumatize anyone – there are just some images that stick with you forever.)

The beach is not a change room. Unless you are a very young child, please do not feel that it is appropriate for you to change into or out of your swimsuit on the beach. Put your bathing suit on at your place of residence and WEAR it to the beach. Those of us enjoying the scenery at the beach do not wish to view you taking your shirt and bra off to put on your bikini top – fortunately you had your bottoms on already! At the very least have someone hold a towel around you – though your friends very likely didn’t want to step too close to you with your breasts swinging everywhere. Yikes.

Bathing suits – this is an challenging topic for me, as I have a personal swimsuit rule. Unless you are a family member or a complete stranger, you will NEVER see me in a bathing suit. I don’t have a problem wearing a swimsuit – I am just extremely selective on who sees me wearing it. Last February, we went to Puerto Vallarta for reading week, and I was getting into my relax mode down at the pool – reading a good book and soaking up the sun. When – someone walks over to me and says “Hi Laurie – how are you?” It turned out to be a fellow who works for the same company that I do. He isn’t a friend, just an acquaintance through the job – but Crap! He had seen me in my swimsuit. I spent the rest of the week scouting out where he and his wife were situated by the pool before I could pick a spot far away for myself.
I am not judgemental when it comes to beach attire. I think people should wear whatever they feel the most comfortable in. Which brings me to this next observation – wearing a suit that is TOO small cannot be comfortable. I see ladies on the beach who are wearing the “Miracle-Suit” – for those of you who aren’t familiar – this is the brand name of a swimsuit that promises to make you look three sizes smaller when you wear it. The key being “makes you look” smaller. Some women are taking this literally and buying bathing suits that are 3 sizes smaller than they would normally wear. It is not pretty – there is only so much stretch in that material, and only so many places that body mass can shift to. Their boobs are being smushed out the top while their midsection area and butt is being pushed out the bottom of the suit. It is quite a disturbing site – like a sausage being squeezed out of it’s casing! I am a firm believer that Spandex and Lycra are our friends – but please realize they have limits. For the well being of your internal organs – buy a swimsuit that fits – you will be much more comfortable. Your body and the rest of us on the beach will thank you for it.

bathing suit


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