It’s been four years since we were last in Cancun, and it has grown exponentially. Resorts and hotels line the coast – Cancun has 14 miles of beach. Given that – it somehow doesn’t seem as crowded here as Playa Del Carmen.

Cancun 001

Cancun 002

The weather has been a bit temperamental the past couple of days. Some periods of rain, which isn’t unbearable – but the wind has been almost gale force at times. Strolling down the beach is like walking through a sandblaster – the tiny particles stinging our legs. The ocean also responds to the wind, crashing in with wave after wave. Three years ago, the Mexican government spent millions of dollars on the shoreline on this coast, after Hurricane Wilma hit in 2005. So it is disheartening to see the erosion in some areas already.

Cancun 004

Cancun 006

It is surprising how quickly people become accustomed to the tropical temperatures. Today had a high of 25C but the wind was blowing. People were sitting out around the pool with towels covering them. We went to a movie last night (If you are a Quentin Tarantino fan – go see Django Unchained), and I wore sweatpants and a long-sleeved shirt as I find it chilly once the sun goes down. Locals cannot fathom a Manitoba winter with snow and temperatures in the minus 30 range or lower.

Wyatt & Rhett – here is a Mexican snowman for you.



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