Do Not Disturb

Each day I spend a couple of hours reading – which I prefer to do in an area where I won’t be disturbed. Rule out the beach as there are vendors continually stopping to sell jewellery or cigars, but I have discovered a very quiet area that is always vacant. Perfect for me.
chairs 001

So here I sat today, reading in peace and quiet – John was off to a driving range. Then “she” sat down RIGHT next to me. There are twelve chairs, and this woman picks the one directly beside me. Obviously she had no issues around personal space (as maybe I do). I admit that I did a quick scan around just to make sure that I wasn’t the victim of a cruel prank or being filmed for an upcoming episode of Punked, but saw no video cameras. Determined to not let this thwart me, I went back to my book UNTIL “What’s your name, and where y’all from?” This offended my sense of grammar – y’all isn’t a real word, but if it was – it would refer to you all – making no sense – as I was the only one she was speaking to. Not that it mattered because she didn’t wait for my response to start sharing her personal information: her name, her husband’s name, hometown, jobs, kids, and the fact that they were staying in Cancun for two weeks. I politely nodded, and when she finally took a breath, I explained that we were only here for few more days and that I didn’t want to seem rude, but I was in the midst of an extremely interesting book. To reinforce my desire for quiet, I took earphones out of my beach bag, plugged them in, and pretended to be listening to music while reading. This ploy was successful for about 10 minutes – and then she POKED me in the arm and signalled that she wanted me to take my ear-phones out. Now she had crossed the personal space boundary – who pokes a stranger, especially one who really doesn’t like to be touched?

personal space

Frustrated, I took my earphones out, closed my iPad and focussed my attention on her, answering numerous questions about the tourist attractions in the area. Checking my watch, I packed up my belongings, and wished her a very pleasant stay in Cancun. Then I moved away……far away.

do not disturb


2 comments on “Do Not Disturb

  1. candy cane says:

    Hahaha I see you’re trying real hard to make friends. Play nice!

  2. Pam says:

    Oh Laurie – you are so funny!!!

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