Good Eats – part 3

After a month here in Haleiwa – John and I have gotten into somewhat of a routine – and much of it revolves around food.
On Thursdays, we drive out to a local farmers market – to buy our vegetables and baking.
Hawaii 014
Hawaii 015

hawaii week3 022

On Sundays, we head just down the street to buy supper. Ray’s Kiawe Broiled Chicken. Best chicken ever! On Saturdays and Sundays, Ray’s set up a stand and their roasting pit in the parking lot of the local grocery store and cook the chickens right there. The secret it the Kiawe wood that they use to give the meat a delicious smoky flavor. On each of the days, they bring 350 birds to roast, and when they are gone – that’s it for the day. For $12.00 we get a roasted chicken cut up and a container of pineapple coleslaw.
hawaii week3 002
hawaii week3 001

hawaii week3 003

The food truck phenomena has hit Hawaii, and there are more food trucks around than we can count. We have found that they are a great way to get an inexpensive, quality meal. There are two trucks that we frequent regularly – the first is Macky’s Shrimp Truck. Great fresh shrimp (that are split and deveined) comes with rice and salad for $12.00. There is always a line up here.
shrimp truck
Surprisingly, our favorite truck is one that sells frozen yogurt. Ono Yo sells frozen greek yogurt topped with just about everything under the sun. Each day they have plain and one local fruit flavored yogurt such as mango, guava or passionfruit. Since we stop here almost everyday – I order fresh fruit on mine being as health conscious as I am.
hawaii week3 012

hawaii week3 014


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