Friday Food for Thought #8

“What do you do all day?”
In my past life, I would likely have been offended by this question, but not this year. In writing this blog, I have decided to share the not always exciting details of my days.
As previously discussed – I spend a lot of time on the internet. I admit that I waste all too many hours on Pinterest- but that’s a whole other post. I also read a lot of different blogs. The people writing the blogs I follow are amazing, honest, humorous, admirable and so on and so on. Each of the bloggers has their own theme and writing style, and the topics are varied. I am adding direct links to a few of these blogs in case you have some free time over the weekend to check them out.

The Bloggess – Jenny Lawson wrote a New York Times bestseller “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened”, and this blog is look at the hilarious antics of her dysfunctional life.

Exile Lifestyle is a blog written by Colin Wright. Every 4 months he moves to a new country – which blog readers vote on. Very cool topics.

A Boundless World is written by 21-year-old Bud Hennekes – a student at the University of Missouri. He blogs about making a difference in the world.

Message With A Bottle is a somewhat visual blog written by Chris Illuminati – a freelance writer and stay-at-home dad. He uses daily post it notes to remind himself of the do’s and dont’s of parenting. Scroll down towards the bottom on the right hand side, you will find archives of older posts. Chris recently published a book “Thank You For Not Laughing”

My Husband is Annoying – this blog needs no explanation.

And there you have it – how I spend most of my day.
reading alot
Have a great weekend.


One comment on “Friday Food for Thought #8

  1. I’d like to speak to you about a pilot presentation I’m casting. Los Angeles bloggers / reviewers only and possible series regular should the project move forward.

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