Tropical Depression

My apologies for not posting anything this week – I have been in a bit of a funk since leaving Hawaii. I loved it on Oahu, and couldn’t believe how quickly the month flew by. There is just something about nice warm weather and a view of the ocean that boosts your feeling of well- being. It’s more than your body absorbing vitamin D from the sun – being in Hawaii somehow fed my spirit. The laid back way of life and the friendly people made it a place I could see myself living. So I had a tough time coming back to Canada. Packing away the shorts and flip-flops, I knew I would find it difficult to acclimatize myself back to non-tropical weather. We landed in BC to pretty decent Vancouver weather. The trees here are leafing out and everything is green, but I am still cold all the time. I am not sure how I would have coped with snow-banks and below 0 temperatures.
We flew to Calgary to visit with Katy, and that eased my melancholy. Spending time with her and other family cheered me up. I still miss wearing my flip-flops and shorts, but I am looking forward to the warm summer weather coming soon. During my last couple of days in Haleiwa, I was depressed and unreasonably miserable – deciding that if I was no longer going to be a beach dweller – there was no sense shaving my legs. Now I am thinking this extra body hair will keep me warm until summer arrives and I can wear shorts again. (Sorry John)


We are ready to move into the 5th wheel and start our cross-Canada tour.


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