Moved into 5th Wheel

We have moved into our 5th wheel trailer – it is 38 foot DRV Suite, that we ordered from Indiana and picked up in Abbotsford BC. This week has been spent outfitting the unit – we didn’t buy anything prior to seeing how much room we would have. Surprisingly, there is more cupboard space than I suspected. It is like a small house cabin. Will take some getting used to, but I think it will work comfortably for our cross-Canada trek.
Here are some pictures of our new abode.

camper 014
camper 015
camper 001
It was a bit of trial and error backing into our first camping spot, but we managed with slightly raised voices and minimal name calling.

This is our living room: comfortable furniture with TV and an electric fireplace. The fireplace has come in handy as we adjust to an RV heating system.

camper 005

camper 004

camper 013

We have a decent sized fridge, a microwave and a small oven in the kitchen. Nice island with sink compensates for no dishwasher.
camper 016

camper 012

camper 006

At the back of the trailer is our queen size bed, storage closet and dresser, and an apartment sized washer & dryer.
camper 009
camper 010
camper 011
Finally – the bathroom. This has been the area that I most needed to get accustomed to – there is no bathtub!
camper 008


3 comments on “Moved into 5th Wheel

  1. marni says:

    Wow! Roughing it. Never seen an island in a camper before, as for the tub, guess a monthly spa visit.

  2. Scott Hassman says:

    Very nice coach! The tub issue was not something I thought about when you told me about the 5ver?

  3. Jennifer says:

    Looks great!! Home Sweet Home.

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