Stanley Park

We toured Stanley Park today. It is a 1,000 acre park in Vancouver. Stanley Park is larger than New York City’s Central Park, and it attracts over 8 million visitors every year (tourists & locals). A paved sea-wall path encircles the park – for walkers, cyclists and skaters.
stanley park 006
stanley park 011
Stanley Park was opened in 1888 and was named after Governor General of Canada – Lord Stanley of Preston. At that time, there were still aboriginal people living within the park, and they continued to do so until 1900. The link to several indigenous tribes is still evident in the totem pole display.
stanley park 008stanley park 009
stanley park 013

Forests cover a majority of the park – with trees that are hundreds of years old, and some over 200 feet tall. The gardens within Stanley Park are beautiful and well maintained. Wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, coyotes, and birds all live in the park. The Vancouver Aquarium is located within the park.
stanley park 003
stanley park 012

In 1988, Stanley Park was designated a National Historic Site of Canada.


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