Friday Food for Thought #8

When we were in California, driving downtown LA – we passed this large billboard advertising a topless sports bar.
dames 'n' games
Dames ‘n’ Games. Wow – what clever marketing – not!
I understand why some men might think this is nirvana – an eating establishment, big screen TVs and topless waitresses.
I have always had a moral opposition to employment positions that objectify and demean women. My response to those of you who patronize these establishments is that these waitresses are someone’s daughters, and in a few cases – some child’s mother.
It is not that I don’t understand that many of the women who work in strip clubs or topless bars, do so for financial reasons. They make far more at these places than they would working at a minimum wage job. My concern is what price do these young women place on their self-esteem and dignity? They may not feel it’s that big of a deal – just a short term fix to get necessary cash. Fair enough in a few instances, but they have to be stong enough to live with this as part of their resume – recorded or not. Prospective employees may ask for past records of employment. These women may not think that anyone they know will frequent these clubs, but in this electronic age, pictures and videos circulate everywhere. And as harsh as it seems, let’s be honest – how many of us would thrilled to find out that a child’s potential mate works at Dames ‘n’ Games?
This is entirely my opinion, and I accept that not all readers will agree.
Why am I writing about this topic now? I am shocked by the number of “Gentlemen’s Clubs” in Vancouver. Advertisements are listed in all of the tourist information. I shouldn’t be surprised – there will always be a market for these places. The issue in Vancouver is that many of the young women who worked in the gentlemen’s clubs are foreign – working in Canada under VISAs. The Canadian government has stopped issuing VISAs for women applying to work in strip clubs. This is leaving a shortage of performers, and the new target is high school students – according to a news article written for NEWS 1130 – read article here.
Given that University costs are on the rise – this is scary. Some girls may see this as strictly an answer to their monetary issues, giving no thought to the emotional toll this might take on them later in life.
So I guess – I will say to everyone again – please remember that the waitresses and dancers in these clubs are someone’s daughters. If this doesn’t deter you from visiting strip clubs, at the very least be respectful and TIP WELL.


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