Friday Food for Thought # 11

Kaitlyn is off to Cancun this week with a group of friends. As parents, it was not easy to let her go – she will always be our little girl. The friends she went with are all SAIT students, and we haven’t met them so she did get a mini third-degree from her Dad before she left. He requested names and cell phone numbers of everyone going. Further to that, he asked me if I knew where each of them was from and what their parents did for a living? I hadn’t asked Kaitlyn about this, but it did make me wonder about whether the other parents had similar questions about Kaitlyn, and if John and my current wandering lifestyle is a disadvantage to her. I imagine that conversation going something like this:

Someone Else’s Mom: So Kaitlyn, where are you from?
Kaitlyn: We used to be from Manitoba, but my parents sold our farm and put most of our belongings into storage. They live in a 5th wheel trailer. So really, I have no fixed address.
Someone Else’s Mom: What lines of work are your parents in?
Kaitlyn: My Dad used to farm, and my Mom worked in the ag-financial industry. Now they are on sabbatical while they travel across Canada.
Someone Else’s Mom: Oh, I see. Isn’t that …. nice.
Translation: Kaitlyn seems like a lovely girl – she’s smart, attractive and charming. It is too bad that her family are a bunch of wing-nuts!

So, I thought I would put together a short dossier about us that “Someone Else’s Mom” could refer to.

We are not Red-Necks. We live in a comfortable 5th wheel by choice, and we park in reputable RV resorts. There are no decrepit cars in our yard, and we don’t own a dog named Roscoe. (John has even given up his nasty habit of always needing to have a toothpick in his mouth).
mansion 2

We are not Hippies. Personal hygiene is important to us. No braids, beads, or flowers in our hair. We don’t wear bell-bottoms or sit around the campfire singing Kumbyah. (Though I did discover a Neil Diamond CD in John’s truck – this might be questionable).

We do not do or sell drugs. No hydroponic grow operation here. Nor have we gone all “Breaking Bad” -we aren’t cooking meth in the RV. (The smoke alarm in the trailer goes off when I make toast – anything more toxic and the neighbors would be calling the Fire Department ).
meth 2

We enjoy the outdoors, but we aren’t tree-huggers. The diesel truck we drive is necessary to pull our trailer. We don’t litter but we don’t recycle either. (So we are probably at a negative in the environmental column).

Furthermore, we aren’t:
Illiterate or uneducated
Religious zealots or political pundits
Welfare recipients or wealth moguls

We are just ordinary people who have had taken the opportunity to live out one of our dreams – to travel across Canada and see the country. Both John and I admit that our path might seem unconventional to some people, and we are ok with that assessment. Our request is that people not pass a premeditated judgement on Kaitlyn before you get to know her.
Especially since insanity isn’t hereditary.
crazy family


One comment on “Friday Food for Thought # 11

  1. marni says:

    Only if unconventional equals awesome, I hope our retirement is as adventurous/spontaneous!

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