Lynn Canyon Park

John and I have been super impressed with how much green space is within the urban centers of Vancouver and surrounding cities. City and provincial governments have obviously placed a priority on the preservation and maintenance of neighborhood parks.
We took an afternoon drive to Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver. This park was officially opened in 1912, and at that time was only 12 acres. The park is now over 600 acres, and is famous for not only the numerous walking trails, but also its Suspension Bridge.
Vancouver, Abbotsford, Mission 018

The Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge was built as a private venture in 1912. It is 40 meters in length, and is suspended up over 50 meters from the bottom of the canyon. The view from the bridge is spectacular.
Vancouver, Abbotsford, Mission 019
Vancouver, Abbotsford, Mission 020

We spent a couple hours hiking around the area. The trails are not paved, but are wide and manageable – suitable for any level of hiker. There are some rugged sections and a number of sets of stairways to maneuver. Plenty of spots to stop and rest – and admire the scenery.
Vancouver, Abbotsford, Mission 029
Vancouver, Abbotsford, Mission 033

Here is “Grizzly Adams” – stopping to drink from the stream. Apparently, his boy scout skills allowed him to assess that this was a safe water source. I am posting this picture to document his decision to do this, in the event that he contracts some water-borne disease such as cholera or beaver fever, and then decides to claim he has food poisoning from something I cooked.
Vancouver, Abbotsford, Mission 030


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