We have left Vancouver, and made our way to Kelowna. Our trailer needed a few minor things tuned up, so we stopped off in Abbotsford. It is the 5th largest municipality in BC – home to almost 135,000 people. The municipality borders Washington to the south. Abbotsford’s main industries are agriculture, transportation, manufacturing and retail.

Abbotsford is known as the Raspberry Capital of Canada. More than 80% of Canada’s raspberries are grown in the Fraser Valley. They harvest over 10 million KGs of raspberries each year on just 3200 acres. The BC raspberry crop is values at $15 million at the farm gate.
The raspberry plants had all leafed out and had been pruned. They are grown in rows, with the canes tied to each other.
Most raspberries in BC are machine harvested, starting around the first week in July. They need to be picked every few days, into mid-August.
Only 3% of the berries are sold fresh – the other 97% are frozen, or processed into jams, drinks, bakery products or canned.
Vancouver, Abbotsford, Mission 037Vancouver, Abbotsford, Mission 038
Interesting fact: There are no genetically modified raspberries grown in BC.

In 2011, artist Manjit Sandhu created this eye-catching public sculpture of a raspberry cane with 5 raspberries to recognize Abbotsford’s title as Raspberry Capital.
Vancouver, Abbotsford, Mission 036
Vancouver, Abbotsford, Mission 040


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