Asian Persuasion

May is Asian Heritage Month.
I wasn’t aware of this until I saw a poster downtown Kelowna.
Kamloops, Salmon Arm, Big White 124
This is an opportunity to acknowledge Asian Canadians for their heritage, and their contributions to Canada’s growth and prosperity.
I send good wishes to my relatives and friends of Asian decent.

It also brought to mind an extremely humorous personal situation. When Kaitlyn was about 6 years old – she became convinced that she was Japanese. She lived with us, but her real family was in Japan. I am not sure what was the catalyst for this notion. No matter how much we explained that she didn’t have Japanese genetics – of which her features clearly revealed – she would not listen. She even taught herself some Japanese words.
photo (2)
One night, we were out for supper with my Aunt and Uncle – and their family, when Kaitlyn decided to present her in-depth account of how she was really Japanese, and that her birth family from Japan would be coming for her at some point. Entertaining dinner conversation ensued. Luckily (for us), Katy grew out of this belief – accepting her status as a Canadian Caucasian.

Recently, Kailtyn has become a huge sushi fan. Maybe her Japanese DNA is starting to surface again?

Happy Asian Heritage Month Katy – celebrate like you are Japanese!
hello kitty


One comment on “Asian Persuasion

  1. Amy Addison says:

    Hahahahahah wow did this post ever make me LOL.

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