Power Walk

The weather in Kelowna has been kind of dreary – periods of rain every day. Not really conducive to day-trips or sightseeing. Yesterday morning, the weather finally broke so John decided to go golfing. I sat down to watch a bit of TV and found a Criminal Minds marathon on. Derek Morgan can rescue me from a serial killer any day.
criminal minds

6 hours later – I started to think that maybe I should get out of my pajamas before John got home. I figured maybe a short stroll around the resort would revive me, so I threw on my sweatpants and running shoes. There are no parks or hiking trails close by – I just walk around the streets of the RV Park. On route, I received a couple of comments about my walking speed:
Older Gentleman on a Bicycle: Out for a power walk? That’s quite a pace you have got there!
Me: I am just getting warmed up.
Elderly Lady Rocking on her Porch: Slow down young lady – security might give you a speeding ticket.
Me: They would have to catch me first.
It was great – compliments galore – though I admit that these really weren’t my responses. I wanted them to be, but I was so out of breath that all I could do was nod and limply wave, while I tried to figure out why these people thought I was speed walking. I can guarantee you I wasn’t. Pace is not my strong suit (but neither is distance). It’s a good day when I don’t trip and fall when I walk. But for some reason, these senior citizens saw me as a sprinting goddess (slight exaggeration). I pondered this phenomenon for a bit, and came up with this explanation:
I have very stubby undersized legs, which means I take extremely short strides. To get anywhere requires a great number of steps. So for the spectators who are of advanced age – maybe they perceive this as speed, especially if they have deteriorating eye sight. It is sort of a movement illusion – like moon walking.
Frequent leg movement (FLM) = speed (RPM). So there you have it – a new physics equation based on my walking performance.
FLM = RPM = Good For the Ego.

I am off for my power walk – don’t want to disappoint my cheerleaders.
senior walker


One comment on “Power Walk

  1. Katy says:

    Haha keep up the good work you sprinting goddess!

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