PIE – Our Quest for the Best

love pie 2

John loves pie. It started back on the farm, when my Mom used to bake home-made pies. It got to be a bad habit – especially since I don’t cook pies. So whenever we eat out – he orders pie for desert. John isn’t picky – he like both kinds of pie – Hot and Cold. Fruit filling is his preference, with a light flaky crust. A couple of times, he has gone so far as to purchase a tenderflake frozen crust from the grocery store, and made his own pie, which of course he thinks is delicious.
As we travelled across BC – we have eaten a lot of pie, always seeking the elusive “best pie”. We bought a peach Mennonite pie in Armstrong, and it was below expectation. An apple pie from The Jammery got an average rating. Yesterday we went to a farm market outside Vernon, and John went searching for pie. The baker had strawberry-rhubarb pies cooking, so we decided to wait and have a nice warm slice. As it turned out, the bakery didn’t sell the fresh pies by the slice – you had to buy the whole pie. So that’s what we did. We got two plastic forks, and went to sit on a nearby picnic table to eat our steaming hot pie, right out of the box – because we are classy like that!
jammery and pie 019

jammery and pie 020

jammery and pie 021

As it turns out, the pie was delicious. So far, the best pie John has had in quite a while. But I am sure that the quest isn’t over – we have lots of miles to cover and lots of pies to taste.
If anyone has any pie referrals – please send them my way.
We would make a special day-trip for PIE.

pie 3


One comment on “PIE – Our Quest for the Best

  1. Lois says:

    Saskatoon Pie awaits you in Manitoba.

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