Radium Hot Springs

radium springs 009
We left Kelowna yesterday with the trailer, headed to Radium Hot Springs for a couple of days. Radium Hot Springs is in the southwest corner of Kootenay National Park. The big attraction is the hot springs themselves, where the water comes up from the ground at 44C in the plunge pool, and cools to 39C in the hot pool, and then 29C in the swimming pool.
radium springs 043

Radium has a permanent population of 800. This triples in the summer months, when tourists come for all the scenic outdoors have to offer. We had a delicious supper at an Austrian restaurant – Helna’s Stube. The waitress was chatty, and asked us where we were visiting from. When we said Manitoba – she said “I’ve heard about Manitoba – when your dog runs away, you can still see it two days later.” Ha Ha – a comedian.

We had our first actual WILDLIFE sightings here. An early morning drive along the highway provided us with viewings of 5 black bears, 1 moose and a herd of big horn sheep. Very exciting, but also concerning that wild animals are in such close proximity to the traffic. In the past decade, it is estimated that more than 500 wild animals have been hit and killed on Highway 93 through Kootenay National Park.
radium springs 027

radium springs 040

radium springs 035

radium springs 007

radium springs 004


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