Back Country Camping

kcountry banff 028
Backcountry Camping is defined as people reaching a remote destination and camping involving raw nature, geared toward human survival and interaction with nature and animals in their natural habitat.
Backcountry Camping is NOT for me. We have set up the trailer in Mount Kidd Park in Kananaskis. I am not sure that this park is actually considered backcountry, but there are very few other campers around. We have the necessary service hook-ups, but no internet service. You don’t realize how important internet is, until you don’t have it. I have started knitting an afghan to pass the time when I am not reading.
Forget about me getting any physical activity. There are a multitude of signs EVERYWHERE warning about bears: bears on the road, bears on the paths, bears in the park. When we got to the campground, the staff gave us a brochure about being safe in Bear Country. They sell bear bells in the camp shop. I asked the young guy working about their effectiveness. He said” The noise they make will let brown and black bears know where you are, and they will likely steer clear. But if there is a hungry grizzly bear in the area, the noise is like ringing a dinner bell for him. You are saying dinner’s ready – come and eat me.” I am sure he was kidding, but I failed to see the humor. Now I am too freaked to leave the trailer, except to walk to the truck to drive somewhere.
radium springs 002

radium springs 005

kcountry banff 001

kcountry banff 008

Last night, we took a drive along highway 40, south of our campground. About 10 miles down, we came across 4 grizzly bears eating grass in the ditch. From the passenger seat, I took these pictures.
grizzly brs 004

grizzly brs 005

grizzly brs 006

grizzly brs 009

grizzly brs 010

grizzly brs 011

grizzly brs 013

I appreciate nature – I really do, but from here on out – we will be parking the trailer in less remote locations, with cell phone and wireless internet capabilities. We will make day trips out to explore and encounter nature – at a distance.


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