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Who doesn’t love Banff? It is one of those places that makes a person proud to be Canadian. We have made many trips here, and yet never tire of just walking around the resort. Banff National Park was established in 1885 as Canada’s First National Park. The town of Banff is the highest in Canada with an elevation of 4537 ft.
It is a very popular tourist destination – with an abundance of shops, restaurants and hotels. It has grown to be a 4 season destination. Banff Upper Hot Springs on Sulphur Mountain and the spectacular Rocky Mountain surroundings are major draws. It is estimated that approximately 5 million people visit Banff on an annual basis, and it is projected that visitation to Banff will more than double that number by 2020. Nature preservation and maintaining ecological integrity is at the forefront for Park Administrators and the Canadian Government. 2011 census showed that the Town of Banff has a permanent population of 7,600 people. The federal government has restricted development in the town, and mandated that only people who can demonstrate a “need to reside” may take up permanent residence in Banff. Within the park, wildlife management plans are being implemented. Wildlife Corridors are protected routes that allow wide range travelling species such as wolves and bears to move safely (without human impediments) between areas of suitable habitat. These corridors allow the animals to take advantage of seasonal changes in food and weather.
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  1. Rob Moses says:

    nice pictures, fancy is amazing 🙂

  2. Rob Moses says:

    I ment Banff is amazing! Lok

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