What’s On Your IPAD?

Over the past couple of days, I have been getting messages on both my laptop and my Ipad saying that I am running out of memory space. WTF? – I don’t download a bunch of junk (Pinterest is a HOBBY). I thought I had better take an hour to clean up my hard drive to avoid an impending system crash. Low and behold, I discovered a few programs that are using a mass amount of memory space – but these downloads provide me with immeasurable (albeit questionable) entertainment. They are too amusing to delete – I am providing links for you to check them out.

1. CAT FONT – both Kaitlyn and Wyatt are huge cat lovers. Using this program, you can write out words in CAT. Extremely imaginative, though it does make one question how someone could pose cats in the positions of the alphabet. I worried maybe these were deceased felines that hadn’t developed rigamortis yet – but some of the cats have their eyes open. Maybe cat-nip is enough incentive (or a sedative)?
You never know when you might need to write a message in CAT.



2. MORPHTHING – this website lets you use technology to merge two picture together to generate a compilation of both of their facial features into a new image. You can select two movie stars, each with recognizable characteristics , and morph them together to create someone outstanding. The program also allows you to create baby morphs. Occasionally, I use this program to morph Kaitlyn’s picture together with attractive male specimens to see what a beautiful baby they could have. A bit disturbing, but the resulting morph picture might be something for her to factor in when she is selecting a spouse.
This is the baby picture generated when I morph Kaitlyn with Justin Bieber (her choice).
Katy & Justin Bieber baby
This is the baby picture generated when I morph Kaitlyn with Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds (my choice).
katy & Shemar baby

3. DEAD YOURSELF – this app for the iPad allows you to turn yourself into a ZOMBIE. Anyone who is a fan of the Walking Dead will appreciate this site. You take a photo of yourself or someone else and then edit the picture using zombie features: eyes, mouths and props. My enthusiasm for this program is unmatched, but it may have caused me to have a brief lapse in appropriate judgement regarding its use. When I visited Scott, Corri & their boys in April, I had my iPad with me, and showed them Dead Yourself site. Rhett and I had a fantastic time taking pictures of everyone – including each other, and then zombiefying them. That night, the poor kid couldn’t go to sleep because he was afraid of turning into a Zombie. Not my finest Auntie moment. I put my iPad away, and the program was not mentioned again. I am working at redeeming myself as a suitable childcare provider. The program likely should come with a PG rating.
These are zombie pictures of me (these are just a few that I have created).



One comment on “What’s On Your IPAD?

  1. […] suitable for all ages. Not knowing the boys’ fright tolerance (I was being cautious after the Dead Me incident with Rhett); we started them off on a “helicopter ride” which almost put them to […]

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