Good Eats – part 5

calgary cochrane 003

calgary cochrane 001

For the past 10 years or so, every time we make a trip to Calgary – we head to Bill’s Peking House for some DELICIOUS Chinese food. This restaurant was established in 1988 and has both an English and Chinese menu. One of our favorite dishes is the Peking Duck – outstanding (it is just as good as the Peking Duck we ate in China). There is nothing better than crispy duck skin. We had it served two ways – in pancake wraps and in lettuce wraps.
calgary cochrane 004
calgary cochrane 006
calgary cochrane 008

We also dined on dumplings, ginger beef, bbq pork fried rice, Shanghai noodles and sweet & sour shrimp, washed down with Chinese beer.
calgary cochrane 010

calgary cochrane 009

calgary cochrane 007

calgary cochrane 005

For desert, they served us candied fruit. This was apple and banana pieces that had been sauted in a sugar mixture and then dipped in ice water so it hardened to a shell.
calgary cochrane 013

Even good food tastes better when eaten in good company. A trip to Bill’s always includes the Byrne Family. Pictured with us here are my Aunt Donna, Uncle Alan, my cousin Owen and his girlfriend Lindsay. So nice to spend time with them.

calgary cochrane 011


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