Maligne Canyon

One of our day trips while in Jasper was to hike the trails at Maligne Canyon. From town, it was a 15 minute drive to the Canyon.
jasper 071

Over thousands of years, the Maligne River has worn deep chasms throughout the limestone canyon – some deeper than 50 metres. It is one of the deepest river canyons found in the Canadian Rockies. Maligne Valley has one of the most extensive “karst systems” in the world. A “karst” is a formation of caves above and below the water level.
jasper 073

jasper 076

Several bridges cross the river allowing hikers to look down into the gorges. The paths were well-worn and easy to traverse. The beginning of the trip was downhill – which seemed pretty easy so our pace was relatively quick. Unfortunately, the uphill return portion was a bit more of a struggle at a much slower speed. I tend to use photo taking as a delay tactic whenever I need a breather. I took 65 pictures during this hike.

jasper 080

jasper 087

jasper 088

jasper 081

jasper 092

jasper 093

jasper 096


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