My Apologies to Saskatchewan

We left Alberta in a deluge of rain – it seemed never ending. The level of the Bow River is extremely high, and still rising. Many of the major routes through Calgary had to be shut down. Schools were closed (including SAIT), and some residents were evacuated from their homes. These circumstances were nothing compared to what the community of Canmore was/is facing. Thank you to all of you who contacted us to ensure we were not in any danger. Our thoughts are with all those still dealing with the flooding – stay safe.

Having previously travelled extensively across Saskatchewan, John and I made a joint decision that we wouldn’t spend much time in this province on our cross- Canada journey. Thus my apology.
charcut, Indian Head 006
We made it as far as Indian Head (where we pulled into the campground for the evening), and as this is going to be our only Saskatchewan tourist stop – I decided to post about it.
charcut, Indian Head 012

charcut, Indian Head 011
Indian Head is 70 kms East of Regina. The town is best known for it’s PFRA shelterbelt tree nursery and the experimental farm. The television series “Little Mosque on the Prairie” that aired on CBC from 2007-2012 was filmed in Indian Head.
charcut, Indian Head 010

Main street boasts a number of businesses and professional services. Census records indicate the population to be just over 1,800 people. We would have liked to visit the Bell Farm to see the round barn – maybe next time.
charcut, Indian Head 007

The Saskatchewan mosquitoes welcomed us back with a vengeance. We had forgotten how big of a nuisance they can be – until we unknowingly left the RV door open. It was a lesson quickly remembered.



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