Royal Canadian Mint

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On our last day in Winnipeg, I decided to take a tour of the Mint. The Royal Canadian Mint is a Crown Corporation, and is 100% owned by the Canadian government. The Mint facility in Winnipeg was opened in 1976 after it was decided that maximum capacity had been reached at the Ottawa mint.
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The Ottawa facility now mints collector coins while the Winnipeg facility produces the entire supply of circulation coins and foreign currency. The Winnipeg Mint produces coins for more than 70 countries including kroners for Norway & Iceland, baht for Thailand, fils for Yemen, and a thousand dollar coin for Hong Kong. Foreign business accounts for more than 12 % of the Canadian Mint’s total revenue.

The Canadian federal government decided to stop using the penny because each one cent coin cost 1.6 cents to produce. On May 4, 2012 the final penny was minted at the Mint in Winnipeg. All other Canadian coins in circulation cost less than their face value to produce and distribute.
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The Winnipeg Mint produces more than 1 billion coins for circulation each year.

The Mint has a gold bar on display. It is valued at over $750,000, and visitors can hold it (though it is chained down, and a guard is present).
mint, wisconcin 008

Our RV is needing some warranty work – so we are heading down to the plant where it was built in Howe Indiana. I will post again soon from the USA.


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