S–t My Husband Says – volume ll

We didn’t pre-book any camping spots for our US trip, as we were unsure how far we would drive each day. Last night we made it into Indiana, and searched the Good Sam website for RV parks close by. It showed that there was a park in a town called New Carlisle that had drive-through spots for larger units: perfect for us. Following the GPS directions, the RV park seemed to be further off the interstate than we initially thought, but after 20 minutes it showed the park just ahead. The only thing separating us from the RV park was a bridge – a bridge that was obviously too low for our unit to travel under. No road signage anywhere about height restrictions. Fortunately, there was a driveway just behind us and John was able to back up into it and turn around. We decided to travel through town and get on a major highway. Nice little town, but guess what was at the exit of Main Street – a freaking bridge. Another low bridge that we couldn’t make it under! Obviously the town of New Carlisle has never heard about warning signs. Unfortunately this time we were on a busy street, and the closest approach was about 500 meters behind us.
So John says to me:
You need to get out on the street and stop all the traffic that is approaching behind us so I can reverse.
Be careful that you don’t get hit by oncoming vehicles that pass the RV.
You need to direct me back up the street, and look for a suitable spot for me to back up into.
Stay in my line of vision, and don’t trip or I might back over you.

Yikes – I was supposed to direct traffic including a reversing RV while avoiding being injured/killed by an erratic driver. The no tripping part was difficult enough.
John was able to get backed up away from the bridge, and turned around. We headed back to the interstate and checked into the nearest La Quinta Inn for the night.

rv fun


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