Fighting Irish

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South Bend Indiana is home to the legendary University of Notre Dame. It is a large, picturesque campus – covering 1250 acres and includes 138 buildings. Some of the structures are the original buildings from the foundation of the college in mid 1800’s.
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University of Notre Dame is a Roman Catholic research university, with an enrollment of over 11,000 students. When it was originally established, Notre Dame was an all-male institution. The first women were admitted in 1972, and now 45% of the students are female. Religious affiliation is not a criteria for admission, but over 80% of the students self-identify as Catholic. On average, over 15,000 students compete for the 2,000 places in first year classes. Admission is based on: high school academics, standardized test scores (SAT), extracurricular activities, 2 letters of recommendations, and a personal essay.

The average yearly tuition at Notre Dame University is $46,730.

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The University of Notre Dame is famous for its football team – The Fighting Irish. The Fighting Irish have 13 NCAA championships. As of 2013 – Notre Dame has had the most NFL drafted players. The program has had 7 individual Heisman Trophy winners.
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