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Our RV is being repaired at the DRV plant in Howe Indiana. Indiana is the 16th most populous US state, and is 38th in area. A high percentage of Indiana’s income is from manufacturing. The state is part of the country’s grain/corn belt, but many parcels of woodland exist to support furniture making.

There are 6,500,000 people estimated to live in Indiana. Residents are known as Hoosiers.

It was a pleasant surprise to see the Amish buggies driving down the roads. It is estimated that there are about 40,000 Amish people living in Indiana. The Amish people share a German or Swiss/German ancestry. Many still speak German or Dutch, and follow the rules of the church. Members have limited use of electricity, telephones and motorized vehicles. They have regulations as to acceptable clothing. The Amish are very humble people who value rural life and manual labor. They don’t like to be photographed for fear that it may cultivate personal vanity.
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Unlike Hutterite people who live in colonies, the Amish people live in their own homes within church districts of between 20 and 40 families, intermingled with “English”. Worship services are held every Sunday. Amish children usually do not go to school past the 8th grade, though exceptions have been made for high school and college. Like other Americans, the Amish pay sales tax and property tax. They are exempt from paying Social Security tax as their beliefs do not support insurance programs.
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It would seem that the Amish in Indiana are resisting pressures from the modern world.
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