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The warranty work on our RV has been completed and we are on the road again. We left Indiana, and crossed the Michigan state line, where we discovered Cornwell’s Turkeyville! Located just off I64, Turkeyville was started in 1968 by the Cornwell family as a one room eatery. The restaurant has expanded, and now seats a couple hundred diners.The Cornwell Family grow their own turkeys, and everything on the menu is Turkey. Perfect – as we both enjoy a good turkey dinner. It was delicious, and a terrific value at $8/plate.
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The facility also includes an on-site bakery, ice-cream parlour and a gift shop. In 1987, Turkeyville grew to include Cornwall’s Dinner Theatre – which hosts over 40,000 audience members in a season.
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We parked our trailer at Camp Turkeyville for the night. It is 14 acres with 128 sites. There is a pool and splash-park on site, as well as high speed internet.
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(There are no bridges to go under to get to Turkeyville.)


2 comments on “Turkeyville

  1. ambyrne@shaw.ca says:

    Good to know. but now comes the question. Was it better than the turkey dinner you had at our house? LOL. Of course it was. Drive safe.
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