Woodstock & St. Jacobs

woodstock 001
We travelled into Ontario through the border crossing at Sarnia. It was quick and painless – I expected much more interrogation when you crossed back into Canada with an RV. The guard simply asked us where we were from, how long we had been out of Canada, and how much we had spent on goods. He scanned our passports and stated we were good to go. No request for vehicle registrations or questions about why we had visited the USA. If I was a border crossing guard – I would be asking much tougher questions.
woodstock 035
We are spending a couple of days in Woodstock – visiting with John’s brother Steven & his family. Steven’s sons – Evan & Aaron have grown a lot since we saw them in January. Woodstock is known as the Dairy Capital of Canada. I would have to attest that this is true. Driving around the countryside, there seems to be a home-site with a dairy barn on every quarter.
woodstock 032
Woodstock’s other major enterprise is car manufacturing. Toyota opened a plant in Woodstock in 2005. It produces 200,000 vehicles every year and provides employment for 2400 people.
We took a day-trip to St. Jacobs County – Canada’s largest year round farmer’s market. It was outstanding!
woodstock 042
There were fresh fruits and vegetables of all varieties. Vendors selling baking, cheeses, meats and hand-made wares are woven throughout the market. The community of St. Jacobs has strong Mennonite heritage, and was originally settled in 1819.
woodstock 047

woodstock 045

woodstock 044

There are a number of shops and restaurants in the village that cater to the tourists. Many artisans have set up shops in the historic buildings, producing pottery, quilts, stained glass and jewellery. St. Jacobs is the headquarters of Home Hardware – the chain of over 1000 stores across Canada was founded in the village in 1963.
woodstock 050
woodstock 054

woodstock 055


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