Maritime World Records

The world’s largest axe was used to build the world’s longest covered bridge!
Not true – but on our daytrip today around Woodstock New Brunswick, we saw both the largest axe and travelled on the longest covered bridge.
The World’s largest axe is located in Nackawic. It was built in 1991, is 49 ft. tall and weighs over 55 tons. It symbolizes the importance of the forestry industry. Interestingly, there is a time capsule embedded in the head of the axe.
woodstock new brunswick 103
woodstock new brunswick 104
woodstock new brunswick 108

The Hartland Bridge is World’s longest covered bridge – 1283 feet long. It is a one-way bridge crossing the Saint John River. Built in 1901 at a cost of $33,000, the Hart Bridge was originally an open toll bridge – 3 cents per person per crossing. It was covered in 1922 during repairs to the bridge after a partial collapse. In 1945, a pedestrian walkway was added. In 1980, the Hartland Bridge was named a National Historic Site of Canada.
woodstock new brunswick 004
woodstock new brunswick 003
woodstock new brunswick 007

New Brunswick is internationally recognized for potato production. With over 15,000 seed potato acres – New Brunswick is Canada’s largest exporter of seed potatoes. 2012 was a tough year for Maritime potato producers – wet conditions resulted in a 30% decrease in the yield. With potatoes being the hot commodity in the area, it is no surprise that there are potato chip factories around. We toured a small local factory – Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company, just outside Woodstock NB. Covered Bridge Chips is owned and operated by the Albright family, who have been producing potatoes since the early 1920’s. They produce old-fashioned kettle cooked chips. Each batch is cooked in oil, and then seasonings are added after the chips drain of oil. Bags are hand-packed at the factory. Self-guided tours are available at the factory, with samples of the freshly cooked chips.
woodstock new brunswick 024
woodstock new brunswick 018
woodstock new brunswick 022
woodstock new brunswick 011


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