S–t My Husband Says – volume lll

I am thinking of changing this category to S–t My Husband Says or Does. We moved our RV to a campground near Moncton today. John went into the office to register, and as he was walking back toward the truck – I saw him stop outside the door to chat with an elderly gentleman. This is nothing unusual – a lot of people see our Manitoba license plate and want to talk about what we are doing in the area.
I wasn’t concerned until I saw John pull his wallet from his pocket and he handed the senior citizen $20.
A bribe for a better camp site?
A bet on a horse race?
Down payment for a mafia hit-man?
None of the above. John’s new business associate opened up the truck of his car and handed John a package of EGG ROLLS.
Not a typo – my husband purchased a bag of 20 “home-made”, fresh egg rolls from a Caucasian geriatric salesman in the parking lot of a campground in New Brunswick.

Dim Sum anyone?
egg role 1egg role 2


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