Hopewell Rocks

moncton 028

moncton 029

We hiked today along the Bay of Fundy. Hopewell Rocks are formations caused by tidal erosion. These rocks are each 40 – 70 feet tall, and have been worn away by the water flowing in and out of the bay, shaping them. We visited at low tide, and were able to walk along the sea floor to view the formations. High tide can be as rise up to 52 feet – highest average tide in the world.

moncton 046

moncton 043

moncton 035
It was so interesting to explore Hopewell Rocks. You could see the tide-line on the formations, as well as the algae growth on the structures.
moncton 050

Some of you have questioned the fact that I am shown in so few pictures. In brutal honesty – it is because John is horrible at picture-taking. His hand shakes, and he can’t seem to view a focal point in the photo. Below is the picture of me that he took at Hopewell Rocks. My outfit today was extremely stylish and my hair styled fashionably – which is obvious. You will notice how thin and happy I look.
moncton 048
I am going to continue to be the photographer on this journey!


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