Lobster Mania

It’s been a couple of days since I posted because I have been in a self-induced lobster coma. Since we arrived in Moncton, we have eaten lobster everyday – sometimes twice a day. Steamed lobsters, broiled lobsters, lobster rolls …. last night John and I pan-fried lobster pieces in butter. My arteries are definitely starting to clog.
Shediac is known as the Lobster Capital of the World. This community is located on the east shore of New Brunswick. It is home to the World’s Largest Lobster statue. The crustacean sculpture was unveiled in 1990 and attracts over 500,000 visitors every year. It is 35 feet long and 16 feet tall.
woodstock new brunswick 127

woodstock new brunswick 130

Lobsters are capable of reaching ages of up to 50 years old. They can grow to lengths of 60 centimeters.
In Canada, there are 10,000 licensed lobster harvesters. Lobsters are caught using baited one-way traps made of wood or galvanized steel with colored buoys, which are usually set at a depth of 40 meters deep. Lobster fishing is very highly regulated.
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This year, there is an abundance of harvested lobsters which is problematic due to the struggling consumer economy. Price has dropped to about $3.50 per pound. One way the industry is trying to boost sales is by promoting the McLobster Sandwich from McDonald’s in Ontario – it is usually only offered in the Atlantic provinces.
We tried the McLobster Sandwich and I wouldn’t recommend it. It looks nothing like the advertisement – a hot-dog bun and not much lobster filling. It tasted more like a salmon sandwich. For what you get with this sandwich, it was overpriced at $6.50.
moncton 017
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