Magnetic Hill

magnetic hill 015
Just down from our campground is Moncton’s famous Magnetic Hill. We decided to brave the tourist horde today to see what the hype was all about. As early as 1933, there were stories of cars rolling uphill. Magnetic Hill has been a top New Brunswick attraction for over 100 years. We paid the $5 vehicle fee and approached the rule billboard. It stated that we were to drive our vehicle to a designated spot about 200 meters ahead at the bottom of the hill, and then shift it into neutral and keep your foot off the brake. The vehicle was supposed to roll backwards uphill to the starting line.
magnetic hill 013
We did as instructed, and sure enough – our truck starting moving in reverse. It actually gained speed to about 20 km an hour. Pretty cool. Magnetic Magic?

Tourist Spoiler: Do Not Read Further if you plan to visit Magnetic Hill.
Magnetic Hill is actually an optical illusion – a result of unnoticeable variations in the terrain the road follows. Landscape only makes it seem like gravity is pulling the vehicle uphill. In actuality – it is rolling backwards downhill.

magnetic hill
magnetic hill 019


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