Alberta Visit

Last week we flew to BC with a stop-over in Alberta. We drove to Banff where Scott, Corri and their boys were spending the week. Wyatt got to go rock-climbing while Rhett and Scott attended father/son hockey camp.
wyatt rock climbing
We watched one hockey session, and the activities seemed to be skill-building yet fun. They played an interesting game called “Asteroids” where the Dads lined up along both sides of the boards and shot the pucks across the ice. The boys had to skate through without being hit by a puck. The coach was very positive and had a great message for the players to try their best at everything. He defined BEST as:
B- better
E- every
S- single
T- time
hockey school
rhett lake louise 2
Rhett is a huge San Jose Shark fan, and Dan Boyle is his idol (if anyone happens to personally know Dan Boyle – Rhett would love an introduction).
Kaitlyn has become a pet owner – and we were able to have a short visit with her new puppy named Tila.
Tila is a long-haired teacup Chihuahua. She should grow to weigh about 3 pounds, but right now at 3 months old, she is so tiny.
I am not a pet lover, but Katy’s puppy is pretty cute.




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