S–t My Husband Says – volume llll

I need to preface this post with the disclaimer that I am not a princess or a marshmallow (as my sister-in-law might say).  One of my true enjoyments in life is having a nice hot, relaxing soak in a bathtub – something I have desperately been missing while living in the RV.  So when we spend an occasional night in a hotel – taking a bath is a luxury I take advantage of.  Travelling to BC, we had a layover in Calgary and stayed at our regular hotel:  Best Western Freemont – a great hotel with a delicious complimentary breakfast.  We checked in and went up to our room – they had upgraded us to a king suite, which was so very nice.  BUT – no bathtub!  I just couldn’t accept not being able to have a bath, so I sent John down to the front desk to ask for a different room with a tub.  I didn’t need a suite – just a bathtub.  After a few moments, there was a knock on the door.  It was the hotel manager who was looking to collect something from the room.   She said that my husband was down at the front desk changing rooms.  I replied that while we appreciated the upgrade, I really wanted a room with a bathtub.  The manager responded ” Yes, your husband explained about your condition.  He should be back up shortly.”

My condition?  I wasn’t aware of any condition, so when he got back to the room, I asked John what she was talking about? 

He says: ” I jokingly told them that we needed a different room that had a bathtub because you have leprosy.  But I was just kidding – I did explain that we were living in a RV with only a shower.”

What a jokester.  He clarifies that we live in a trailer with no tub, but not about the fact that his wife DOES NOT have leprosy.  How many people actually find leprosy funny?  Just John.



One comment on “S–t My Husband Says – volume llll

  1. Kathy Stewart says:

    Well, it is kind of funny in this context. Well, funny but kind of sick, I guess. John just has a slightly different sense of humour! You must be used to it by now, Laurie!

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