Friday Food For Thought #19

A recent issue of Time magazine has a couple lazing on a sandy beach under the caption – “THE CHILDFREE LIFE: When having it all means not having children.” has been garnering all kinds of controversy across the internet. And I don’t get it. Why is the decision to not have kids so contentious? Comments have ranged from:
“Childfree couples will be lonely as they age. Who will visit them in a nursing home?”
“Childfree people endanger a country’s economic future by reducing the number of taxpayers.”
Since when did personal happiness have to equal having children? Does having more children guarantee a higher degree of personal happiness?
Childfree is a CHOICE people make and I cannot comprehend why others are so judgemental about this personal decision. John and I know a number of childfree people and their decision not to become parents has never affected our relationship with any of them. Many of them looked after Kaitlyn when she was small (and still check in on her). Our family is their family.
This article in the Globe & Mail is well written about the topic. The main jest is that Childfree people deserve RESPECT for their personal CHOICE.
On the flip side of all the censure – Childfree people should be commended for their decision in light of world overpopulation.


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