Prince Edward Island

PEI 074
I can’t believe we have never visited PEI – it is beautiful! It might be the smallest province in Canada, both in area and in population but it is large in scenery. Prince Edward Island is 2195 sq. mi and has 140,204 permanent residents. The coastlines are stunning – with plenty of local restaurants to stop at and fill up on seafood.
PEI 012

PEI 051
Both John and I were pleasantly surprised to see how much agriculture there was on PEI – and how varied it was. The island produces 25% of Canada’s potatoes, but we also saw wheat, barley, oats and 1 field of canola. The soil on PEI is a bright red color, with high iron- oxide content. The texture is fine sandy loam, and field are well drained. Fields were planted on a much smaller scale than the Prairies, but it was easy to see that producers took pride in their operations.
PEI 008
PEI 037
PEI 084

Loved this farm name.
PEI 082

Driving around some “less-travelled” roads – I mentioned to John that I wanted to find a farmers market to buy some berries. His counter-suggestion was that we pick our own as he pulled into a U-PICK, saying “it will be fun”. So we bought two containers and he went to pick blueberries while I picked raspberries. It was fun – for about 10 minutes. Then the mosquitoes started swarming me. Also, I was unaware of the unwritten U-pick etiquette, which one of the elderly pickers was quick to school me on. “Young lady, you need to start on a section between two flags and pick it clean. You can’t wander through the patch looking for the biggest, reddest berries. You will never get your pail full that way.” In the end, John pretty much filled his bucket and I got about ¼ of a pail, but it was an experience.
PEI 077
PEI 078


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    Hi Just a quick note to wish you happy birthday! We are in Saskatoon tonight, on our way north for our fishing trip. We still have another 5 hours to drive. Will let you know how it goes. Grandma Marshall is fine . Will talk to you later. love Mum. Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2013 21:00:02 +0000 To:

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