This post is definitely going to date me, but on a recent trip to Sobey’s – John & I came across a “blast from the past”.
I remember enjoying this drink in single-serve cartons at school during the 1970’s, but haven’t seen it in decades.
For those of you who are too young to remember Beep – think “prehistoric Sunny D”.
Apparently, there are a large number of die-hard Beep fans in Nova Scotia. The Farmer’s Co-operative Dairy is temporarily returning the beverage (in retro containers) to retail shelves in the province for a limited time – until October.
beep 1

beep 2

So, we bought a container, just for old time’s sake – and it isn’t what I remember.
This IS NOT juice – not even close. No wonder so many of us had rotten teeth during childhood.

Ingredients are listed as: water, sugar, concentrated orange juice, concentrated apple juice, apricot puree, citric acid, prune syrup, orange pulp, modified corn starch, canola oil, flavor, sodium citrate, color, sodium benzoate and ascorbic acid.

Which explains why it was a staple of school lunch-rooms across the Prairies – support for the Canola Growers!


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