Across Canada

The recent visit to Newfoundland completes our trek across Canada. Hard to believe ( I know many of you are surprised) – there were no incidences of spousal homicide. John did suffer from the occasional bout of butt-head-itis, but we made it and are still talking to each other. It was a WONDERFUL trip. We saw so many amazing places across this country – our only regret is that we didn’t make this journey years ago with Kaitlyn.

We had planned to draw up a list of our TOP 10 Canadian destinations from this tour – but of course, we couldn’t agree on the 10 places or their rankings (and compromise is a sign of weakness that neither of us will stoop to). As such, we each drafted our own roster of favorite places.

John’s Top 10
10. Newfoundland
9. Stratford, ON
8. Ottawa, ON
7. Digby, Mahone Bay NS
6. Quebec City Que
5. Columbia Icefield, Jasper AB
4. Kananaskis AB
3. Sea to Sky Highway, Vancouver to Whistler BC
2. Charlottetown PEI
1. Okanagan BC

Laurie’s Top 10
10. Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island NS
9. Hopewell Rocks, Moncton NB
8. Sea to Sky Highway, between Vancouver and Whistler BC
7. Newfoundland
6. Okanagan and Dave’s Goat Walk, Armstrong BC
5. Stratford ON
4. Columbia Icefield – Jasper AB
3. Quebec City Que
2. Ottawa ON
1. Prince Edward Island

To anyone considering a cross-Canada excursion – we would say – JUST DO IT! We were extremely fortunate to have this opportunity, and would encourage others to make the trip. Don’t follow our path – set your own. Look at the map and pick out cities and towns that you have never been to – stop at places on the spur of the moment. See Canada.


One comment on “Across Canada

  1. nkeiru says:

    wow that is really cool id like to try that with my family

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