So Now What?

A year ago, when John and I were planning (I use this term loosely) our trip across Canada – we knew that we wanted to finish up in Atlantic Canada by the end of August – to avoid storm season. We didn’t give much thought to what we would do or where we would go after Newfoundland.
Our first thought was that we would head back West through the USA – stopping in random spots that interested us. Sounded like a fine idea.
First stop was Bangor, Maine – because it is the hometown of Stephen King.
I wasn’t disappointed: the house was impressive – complete with spider & bat adorned iron gates.
Maine 001
Maine 002
Maine 004

Even with best laid plans, there are always hiccups. Ours came with a phone call from the RV dealer in Abbotsford (where we picked up the trailer). His dealership was interested in buying back the 5th wheel AND our truck. The DRV trailer was wonderful – it was great for the trip across Canada. Nice to always have your home with you – no living out of suitcases, and a familiar bed climb into each night. But it is too big of a unit (and too costly) to use as a weekend camper, as such- we decided we would sell it.
woodstock new brunswick 116

So – back to BC as quickly as possible. 5500 km. We drove and drove – no sightseeing on this particular trip.

And now we are homeless and vehicle-less.

But not forever. We have bought a lot in a residential area between Kelowna and Vernon BC, and contractors have started building us a house. It will ready for us to move into April 2014.
house construction 001

Until then, we will continue to travel around. We plan to spend some time in Winnipeg staying with Katy(and Tila), visiting family and friends.

Once the weather turns cold – we are headed to the tropics.
I plan to continue to blog – stay tuned, who knows what is to come?


One comment on “So Now What?

  1. Jen says:

    Wow it’s hard to believe where the time has went. It appears to have been a fantastic time full of adventure. Can’t wait to see your new home! Take care.

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