Would You Rather…..

Ever wonder how to pass time on a road-trip? John and I recently took a car trip with our nephew Rhett, and what better way to spend the time than to play a rousing game of Would You Rather? The premise of the game is to ask participants to choose between two equally favorable/unfavorable choices. The players have to pick one of the options: NEITHER is an unacceptable answer. A big part of the entertainment is to hear the rationalization behind the answers.
With kids, the questions are relatively easy to frame: pets, super-heroes, sports and pretty much anything gross or dealing with body functions works.
A few examples from our game:
WOULD YOU RATHER: have x-ray vision or be able to fly? Rhett went with power of flight.
WOULD YOU RATHER: wear a shirt with the Montreal Canadians’ logo on it to school for a month or wear a dress to school for a week? Rhett chose the shirt, but Uncle John decided that as a Leaf fan, he would have to wear the dress.
WOULD YOU RATHER: Have a dog who couldn’t hear or a cat who couldn’t see? This choice required in-depth consideration as Rhett loves dogs, but he was concerned about the dog not being able to hear when his name was called. In the end, he went with the deaf canine.
WOULD YOU RATHER: find true love or find $1 million dollars? Both participants went for the cash without hesitation. Chivalry is dying ladies.
and lastly, our favorite:
WOULD YOU RATHER: eat ice cream that tastes like poop, or eat poop that tastes like ice cream?

Would You Rather…. is also a great ice breaker, or party game. Below are some tough questions for adults to ask and answer:

WOULD YOU RATHER: have a nosy neighbor or a noisy neighbor?
WOULD YOU RATHER: be 3 feet 7 inches tall or 7 feet 3 inches tall?
WOULD YOU RATHER: only be able to whisper or only be able to shout?
WOULD YOU RATHER: have your first child when you are 16 or when you are 56?
WOULD YOU RATHER: be able to lie without being caught or be able to tell when someone else is lying?
WOULD YOU RATHER: be stuck on a desert island with 4 people you can’t get along with, or be stuck on the desert island by yourself?
WOULD YOU RATHER: not be able to use your internet for a year or not be able to use your phone for a year?
WOULD YOU RATHER: have one wish granted today or 5 wishes granted in 10 years from now?
WOULD YOU RATHER: know the date of your death or the cause of your death?
WOULD YOU RATHER: have soap in your eye or a paper cut between your fingers?
WOULD YOU RATHER: give up chocolate for a year or give up soda for the year?
WOULD YOU RATHER: have freakishly huge eyes or an extremely tiny nose?

Send me your best Would You Rather questions, I am compiling a list for our winter travels.


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