When we moved off the farm, we did a serious purge of our belongings and saved only necessities and personal items such as clothes, photo albums and pictures. All of our kept articles were packed into Rubbermaid containers and stored in a utility trailer parked at the home of friends who live outside Winnipeg.
Last week, John announced that he thought we should rent a U-Haul moving truck and drive our meagre belongings (including towing his fishing boat) out to our storage locker in Vernon BC. He said “it will be – fun”.
In case you don’t know us well, in a few many of our situations, fun can often be described as
F – freaking
U – unbearable
N – nightmares

It actually wasn’t too horrible. The truck was relatively new and fairly comfortable. The only nuisance was that it was very loud in the cab. The elevated noise decibel level prevented any and all conversation. Which really wasn’t the worst thing – let’s be honest. John and I just travelled across Canada together, so we are running out of topics to chat about. As such, I got in some serious book time! When it got too dark to read, I figured I’d catch a bit of shut-eye (I have never had any difficulty falling asleep in a vehicle.) The rattling in the cab provided background white noise. All was fine until I was jolted awake with John yelling “Are you asleep?”
Just having fun.

We made it to BC in one piece. All our possessions are in storage, ready to be moved into the house next spring. Construction is coming along nicely – we were happy to see that it was all framed in before winter comes.
house october


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