Friday Food for Thought #20

Researchers have found that Oreo cookies are just as addictive as cocaine – at least to the test subjects who were rats. Not that they offered the rats a choice: Oreos or cocaine. Scientist set up mazes for the rats, where on one end was the addictive substance (drugs or cookies) and on the other end was the alternative (placebo or rice cake). In both studies, the rats went straight for the drug end of the maze. Who would really be surprised by these results? A lab animal that is kept in a metal cage day after day, goes for the good stuff. Researchers should try this at some places of employment – water cooler on one side of the room, and cocaine/cookies on the other. Watch where the employees head.
But think of the implications: no more self-imposed guilt for eating the bag of Oreos – it’s an ADDICTION. Want your kids to stay off drugs? Get them hooked on Oreos.

I am not a daytime TV person, but if I am having a boring day, I will watch Dr. Oz.

Almost every week he has tips for eating healthy and losing weight – new diets that I have never heard of:

Glycemic Index diet: food is assigned a number based on the body’s blood sugar response. Low GI foods such as lentils control your appetite because they are digested slowly.
Raw Food diet: plant-based diet, based on not cooking food from its natural state.
Mediterranean diet: emphasis is on unprocessed food and unsaturated fats.
Macrobiotic diet: lean, green diet: with no milk, cheese, yoghurt or eggs
Paleo diet: back to the caveman approach. Lots of meat, fish, nuts and plants.

I was not sure that any of these diets would work for me, and so I went on the website to research further. I was shocked to see how many foods I shouldn’t eat (that are supposedly bad for a person):
white bread
french fries
cream based salad dressing including mayonnaise
white rice
high fructose corn syrup
soda – regular and diet
creamy soups
red meat
whole milk
fast food
frozen meals
cured meats
microwave popcorn
trail mix/ dried fruit
energy drinks
Pillsbury products
potato chips

It is no wonder I can’t lose a pound – everything I eat is on this list! I think I will patent my own diet, guaranteeing weight loss:
DEAF – Don’t Eat Any Food


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