I might be going to Hell

I’ve been blogging for almost a year now, and there is one topic I have been reluctant to discuss – Religion. Why? Because a majority of world conflicts start over religious differences.
I am writing about it now since we are in the USA. Old or young, Republican or Democrat – Americans do a lot of “praising the Lord” and “thanking Jesus”. As a country, they are very vocal about their faith.
I am not an expert on religion – quite the opposite – I am an atheist. I subscribe to the Theory of Evolution, but recognize I am part of the minority. It is estimated that 32% of the world population is Christian, 23% is Muslim, 15% is Hindu, 7% is Buddhist, and all other religions including Judaism account for the remainder.
I have a strong respect for the people that I know who are sincerely devoted to their religion. It’s my view that just because you were baptised/christened, this doesn’t make you a person of faith. How can it? It was a decision made for you by someone else. If this single act is your only audience in support of your spirituality, one might question your religious dedication. My Grandma Marshall attended church service every Sunday. For her it was not only a place of worship providing solace for her soul, but also of companionship.
Probably the most devout person that I know is someone who works for the same company as I did. He and his family are fully committed to their religion, and the devotion they have is constant and unwavering. Their beliefs are a part of everything they do, and they are proud of their faith. They selflessly volunteer their time and donate financial resources in support of their church and other worthy causes. All this is done without judgement of others. I don’t subscribe to their beliefs but if there is a heaven – the Bambridge family and my Grandma should have front row seats.
Sounds like I am very accepting of people’s religious beliefs? – mostly. There is one faction of society who I have zero minimal tolerance for: and I like to call these people “convenience Christians“. You know who these people are – they wave their religion around like a flag when it suits their purpose, but other than weddings and funerals – they don’t set foot in church any more often than I do. It irritates the crap out of me when I hear situations such as ” teenage daughter is pregnant because birth control was against her family’s religion” or “pre-schooler is spanked with a strap because the bible says Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child”. The way I see it, regardless of your religion (or non-religion), your belief system should be reflective of your morals and ethics, not used as an excuse. Religion is not a way to measure a person’s worth – people are not superior to others because of their faith.
Enough preaching – I guess my philosophy is that everyone needs to believe in something that gives meaning and value to their life.

I choose to believe in chocolate (and Zombies).

I am not sure if Church billboards actually motivate parishioners to attend services, but some of them are hilarious.
church hot


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